Yukari-do Confectionary

“Kokuto gake Ochiba Karinto (leaf-shaped fried dough cookies with brown sugar coating)”

Karinto (fried dough cookies) that have nice flour flavor and gentle sweetness of brown sugar. It is shaped into a ochiba (fallen leaf) that flow in the autumn sky. This cookie won the Honorable Grand Prize at the 21st National Confectionary Exposition.

“Shoga Senbei (ginger cracker)”

This cracker is coated with grated ginger and white-sugar syrup. Please enjoy the harmony of plain cracker with sweet syrup and spicy ginger flavor.

“Sakura Morokoshi (cherry blossom hard cookie)”

It is made with fine Azuki beans from Hokkaido grinded special millstone, added Wasanbon (refine sugar), and pressed into a shape. The gentle sweetness and rich flavor of Azuki will fill you mouth with joy.

“Sakura Manju (bun with filling)”

This is a cute manju that you can see the pink sakura filling through the thin skin. The sakura leaf is kneaded into the filling, so you can feel the whole sakura flavor.

“Dorayaki (Japanese pancake with bean-jam filling)”

Our cook made the nice soft Japanese pancake, and put plenty of special rich Anko(Bean-jam) filling inside.

Yukari-do Confectionary Ekidori Store

We are proud to serve you various kind of Japanese sweets, such as Karinto, Senbei, and Akita’s famous Morokoshi. It is located near the Kakunodate Station. We are looking forward to see you come.

address Nakasugasawa 92-29, Kakunodate machi, Senboku city, Akita
open hours 8:00am – 18:30pm
days closed No Closed Day