“To See”

When you walk around the “Bukeyashiki (Warrior House)” and see “Sakura (Cherry Bloosom),” you might feel that you wondered into the age of Samurai (Japanese Warrior). Please enjoy the long walk, and imagine the time of 390 years ago.

“Bukeyashiki-dori (Warrior House Street)”

The Bukeyashiki (Warrior House), the Kura(Japanese warehouse), the Mon (Gate), and all the other architectures of 300 years-old. The garden of the house has various kinds of trees from hundreds years ago. These atmospheres from this scene give you the feeling that you might see Samurai coming out the house. In the street, there are still many complicated corners, which look like a dead-end, in order to destruct the enemies’ attack.

“Kakunodate’s Sakura”

Every year, from the end of April, Kakunodate will be painted in soft pink with the Sakura “Soneiyoshino” around the Hinokinai River and Bukeyashiki Street’s “Shidare-Sakura.” Also, in the south side of the town, the shopping area, you can see the beautiful Sakura in the gardens of many stores that have been there from Edo period.

“Kakunodate with Deep Green”

After the Sakura season, the Bukeyashiki Street will be filled with beautiful green. When you walk along the silent street, you might feel the fresh green leaves falling down on you.

“Festival in Fall”

On September 7th to 9th, a festival of Kakunodate Shimeisha Shrine and Jojuin Yakushido Temple will be taken place. The Dashi (float), decorated with Musha Ningyo (Warrior Dolls), mounted with Odiriko (dancers) and Ohayashi (musicians) will go around the town, and show the beautiful performances in many places.

“Autumn Leaves”

Trees around the Bukeyashiki Street will have the leaves turn fresh red and orange in the end of October. Those are another beauty of this town, beside Sakura in spring.

“Snow Scene”

From the middle of December to March, Kakunodate will be covered with the pure white of snow. The town will be in mono-tone, the black from walls and the houses of Bukeyashiki Street and the white from the snow. That is breathtakingly beautiful.