Restaurant Tohachido / Café Pania

“Hinai Chicken Oyakodon (bowl of rice with chicken and egg)”

Soft and juicy. Farm texture of Hinai chicken. Please enjoy the harmony of smooth soft-boiled eggs and flavor from Hinai Chicken, one of Japan’s three famous regional-bred chicken.

“Kiritanpo Nabe (Hot-pot with slices of toasted mash-rice skewer)”

Our specialty is the rich flavor of the soup stock. Ingredients are Hinai Chicken, Maitake mushrooms (hen-of-the-woods), Konnyaku noodle (noodle made of devil’s tongue starch), deep-fried tofu, welsh onion, burdock, Seri (java water dropwort), and Kiritanpo (toasted mash-rice skewer). It has good portion and is the most famous of our local food.

“Inaniwa Udon Noodle with Hinai Chicken soup”

First, please try a sip from the soup. The flavor from Hinai Chicken, Maitake mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms, deep-fried tofu, and unprocessed nori seaweed, especially the richness of the chicken is the best of the kind.

“Tempura Inaniwa Udon Noodle”

Accompany with tempura of two shrimps, Sillago, sweet potatos, pumpkins, and eggplants. Smooth texture of the noodle goes well and feels differently with both rich warm meal and nice cold one.

“Cold Udon Noddle with Grated Daikon Radish and Natto (fermented soybeans)”

On top of the cold Inaniwa Udon Noodle, there are grated daiko radish, shopped Natto, Wakame seaweed, welsh onion, and shrimp tempura. Great harmony with the cold rich soup.

“Shokado Flower Meal”

Please enjoy perfectly cooked Akita Komachi rice, served with tempura, deep fried tofu with soup, Torafugu (tiger puffer) and wheat starch with thick starch sauce, marinade Japanese Scallop and Shrimp, and desert.

address Yokomachi 20, Kakunodate machi, Senboku city, Akita
open hours 11:00am – 19:30pm
days closed Every Thursday
other offers 4 parking lots available