“To Buy”

Redbeans Soft Cookies “Morokoshian”

It is usually dried and baked to make Morokoshi, but we wanted to make it easy to eat and have more roasted Azuki red beans flavor. After long years of development, we created variety types of soft Morokoshi cookies, without dry and baking process.

Yukari-do Confectionary

We are proud to serve you various kind of Japanese sweets, such as Karinto, Senbei, and Akita’s famous Morokoshi. It is located near the Kakunodate Station. We are looking forward to see you come.

“Traditional Craft Works Store and Museum”

We have the best value and variety of goods, such as Kakunodate’s traditional works “Kabazaiku (Cherry-bark crafts), Akita’s woodworks, falk crafts, Japanese goods, and local specialities. You will find the perfect gift from Kakunodate.
Inside of Kakunodate Kabazaiku Center, there is a museum where you can see valuable heritages and goods that were actually been used by the Tatetsu family’s ancestors, who ad been a merchant house from Edo period.

Dessert Shop Gâteau Yamada

With carefully selected ingredients and our handmade-skill, we also offer you various seasonal confectionaries for your pleasure.

Wine & Local-Sake Sugawara Shop

“We have full collection of Japanese Sake and Wine”
We offer you various selection of wine from all over the world and Sake from local Akita brews, here in Small Kyoto “Kakunodate”

Local Sake & Souvenir “Kimi chan”

“Akita’s local sake and the souvenirs”
we are located on the street toward Bukeyashiki Street from Hinokinaigawa-tsuzumi’s Sakura trees. We will be waiting for you with best selections of souvenirs, various Japanese Sake and goods.


DENSHIRO is a brand of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer of fine Kabazaiku (cherry bark ware). We have been producing Cherry bark ware over 160 years since its foundation in 1851.