Redbeans Soft Cookies “Morokoshian”

Kakunodate’s traditional sweet snack “morokoshi” is made with roasted Azuki red bean mixed with sugar, press them into shapes, and bake them after it dried. Morokoshi is included in Uchimono (Molded Cake) for Japanese sweets, and those molded sweets had been introduced by China. Long time ago, Japanese people called China as “Country of Morokoshi,” so people in this area have been calling those redbeans cookies “Morokoshi” for the love of “sweets from Morokoshi China.”

It is usually dried and baked to make Morokoshi, but we wanted to make it easy to eat and have more roasted Azuki red beans flavor. After long years of development, we created variety types of soft Morokoshi cookies, without dry and baking process.

We use only 15% from core part of Hokkaido Tokachi Brand Azuki beans “Ginjo Azuki,” so please enjoy the smooth texture and refined sweetness.

“Nama Morokoshi (Redbeans Soft Cookies)”

Our original soft morokoshi cookies are, non-dried and non-baked cookies, with rich Azuki flavor. The freshness date is about 30 days from the day you bought, with normal temperature, sealed. Frozen one will give you the full taste of, it. Please try once. It is individually packed, so you can enjoy many ways.

Main ingredients are sugar, azuki beans, and white bean jam, but we also have production using flour, soybeans, dairy, and soba (buckwheat). Therefore, please notice for those who have allergy to those materials.

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