Local Sake & Souvenir “Kimi chan”

“Hideyoshi Shiki Daiginjo (Spring)”

This has fruity flavor that gives you the feel of sparkling spring of Kakunodate.
*Daiginjo is the top-quality sake that was brewed from rive grains polished to 50% weight or less of their weight to have smooth and full taste of the Sake rice. (“Dai” means “big” or “superior”)

“Hideyoshi Shiki Ginjoshu (Summer)”

This has rich taste and the smooth flavor that can compete with Daiginjo. Recommended to be cooled.
*Ginjoshu is the type of sake brewed by low temperature fermentation made with Sake rice polished to 60% of their weight.

“Hideyoshi Shiki Junmaishu (Fall)”

This gives you the feel of harvesting Fall of Akita. Clear and smooth taste with crispy and dry texture.
*Junmaishu is the type of sake made without added alcohol and sugar.

“Hideyoshi Shiki Genshu (Winter)”

Made without adding water. You can enjoy the rich and creamy taste of raw-unprocessed Sake.

“Kimi chan’s Iburi-gakko & Iburi-ninjin” (Smoked pickles)

Our famous Iburi-gakko (Smoked pickled-radish) and Iburi-ninjin (Smoked pickled-carrot). These have been ordered from all over Japan. Others cannot make Kimichan’s own recipe, with good salt seasoning and the taste. The price will be depended on the season.

“Akita’s local sake and the souvenirs”

we are located on the street toward Bukeyashiki Street from Hinokinaigawa-tsuzumi’s Sakura trees. We will be waiting for you with best selections of souvenirs, various Japanese Sake and goods.

address Kitano 121-3, Kakunodate machi, Senboku city, Akita
open hours 9:00am – 17:00pm
days closed No Closed Day