Dessert Shop Gâteau Yamada

“Shou Roll Cake”

Swiss roll wrapped with soft puff-shell. We have white cream with cherry and chocolate cream for your enjoyment.

“Raison Cookie”

Rum raison and cream sandwiched with crispy shortbread. Please enjoy the rich rum flavor with it.

“Chocotto Ring”

Doughnut-shaped cake. Fermented butter we used is the key.

“Maccha Choco Sand”

A sandwiched Maccha (powdered green tea) flavored white-chocolate cream with rich Maccha sponge cake.

“Miso Cake”

Pound cake with rich and smooth flavor using Saikyo Miso.

With carefully selected ingredients and our handmade-skill, we also offer you various seasonal confectionaries for your pleasure.

address Nakasugasawa 92-5. Kakunodate machi, Senboku city, Akita
open hours 8:30am – 18:45pm
days closed no scheduled holidays