DENSHIRO is a brand of Fujiki Denshiro Shoten Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer of fine Kabazaiku (cherry bark ware). We have been producing Cherry bark ware over 160 years since its foundation in 1851.

Using selected materials with various appearances, superior skills proven over the 200 years of history, and designs in harmony with today’s living spaces, DENSHIRO collection enliven your everyday life.

Suzutsu(chazutsu) Good Design Award 2013

Its simplicity was obtained by removing the inner lid’s knob, which is the only part not made by the “katamono” crafting technique. The knob-less form enables the inner lid to be used as a tea scoop when putting tea leaves into a teapot.

Wazutsu 4colors(chazutsu)Good Design Award 2011

While taking full advantage of the “katamono” crafting technique, this tea caddy will charm you with the contrasting colors of walnut, cherry and maple woods, which enhance the appearance of cherry bark.


This is a tea caddy with a cherry bark stripe around the mouth of the caddy. While it is a novel design, this tea caddy takes full advantage of the materials and crafting techniques peculiar to Kabazaiku.


These are simple boxes made by the “kijimono” crafting technique, or lining cherry bark on wood surfaces. You can enjoy various ways of using these boxes; for example, the lids for the tea set chest and candy box can be used as a tray or plate.

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