“To See”

When you walk around the “Bukeyashiki (Warrior House)” and see “Sakura (Cherry Bloosom),” you might feel that you wondered into the age of Samurai (Japanese Warrior). Please enjoy the long walk, and imagine the time of 390 years ago.

“To Taste”

Many meals that you can enjoy in Kakunodate give you somehow the kind nostalgic feels and the tender taste. The rice, Sake, and Noodles, everything is delicious!!

“To Buy”

From the craft with fine works and traditions, to the sweet delicious snacks that have been loved for long time, there are too many things that you might be troubled to decide what to choose for you and for souvenirs.

“To Be Relaxed”

Please enjoy your precious time in Kakunodate, with the Onsen (hot springs) to warm you from inside to heal you, and in the quiet and relaxing hotel rooms.